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  • Engine: 400 CID V8, 360 HP, 440 Lb-Ft Torque, Tri-Carb
  • Front End: Mustang 2
  • Transmission: 700 R 4
  • Rear End: 9 inch Lincoln
  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Wheels --Appliance Wires 7 in. front 8 in. Rear
  • Tires: Front Kumos 215/75 R15 Rear GT Radials P255/70S R15
  • Power Steering
  • Chrysler Steering Column Tilt Telescope
  • Electric --Wind Shield Wipers, Cowl Vent, Radio Antenna, Trunk Latch
  • Glass --Glued in, no messy seams to see.
  • Rino Lining Running Boards (So you can use them)
  • Battery Mounted in trunk.
  • Seats - Front 240Z Datsun, Rear Custom, Completely Rebuilt and upholstered.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dash Exotic Zabara Wood, Glove Box and Dash Insert with Classic Gauges
  • Custom Norm Grabowski Skull Shifter knob (Hand Carved, One of a kind)
  • AM/FM Seek/Scan Radio with Built in CB
  • Safety Power locks on Suicide Doors.

I had thought my collection of Oldsmobiles was complete since I had one of each year that interested me but 5 was an odd number (I have room for 6 cars) and I started looking around. I considered a 1963 Jetfire but discarded the idea after learning they could be very tempermental. I also thought of an Oldsmobile powered Ford Roadster but then realized they were very impractical, especially for someone of my stature. I happened to be looking around ebay when I came across this beauty. After speaking with the owner several times, I bid on it and, while I won the auction, I didn't break the reserve. I spoke with the owner several more times and we came to an agreement. The car was purchased and arrived in Massachusetts by Intercity Lines on November 6, 2007.

The car was built by Jerry Cawhorn of Vian, OK who found the car in the woods near Jay. He completely stripped the Olds down to the frame, sand blasted it, rust proofed it and put it back together piece by piece, using stainless steel bolts and new everthing to make this a car to drive. The car has no rust and took 7 years to build, Being a 1935, the doors (inside) were put together with wood. Jerry painstakingly rebuilt the doors and replaced the wood with metal where he could. The floor of the car was completely replaced and the dash is all custom. 1935 was the first year with a solid steel top and the only year to use the suicide doors. A Norm Grabowski skull shift knob gives the inside a touch of attitude - Norm created it specially for and it really matches the car. The cars name is Vermin, named for the look you see in your rear view mirror as it bears down on you from behind and has a vermin graphic on the C pillars. The car has been driven to street rod events in the mid-west and best known at the Mini Nats in Colorado. This is the car that you envision guys jumping out with pin stripped suits and tommie guns in their hands. It draws a crowd where ever it goes and is an award winner. The body style (it is officially a 5 passenger coupe) of this car is a rare find.

As of September 2010, The Car now is all Oldsmobile. It has a 1967 400 CID V8 rebuilt to W30 specs and fitted with a 1966 L-69 Tri-Carb.

In October, 2014, Vermin was sold to a new owner who will continue to treat her with the respect she deserves.

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